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Irrigation Brenham, TXIrrigation and drainage are some of the most important aspects of your landscape. After all, if you want your plants, grass, and trees to thrive, you need to ensure they get adequate amount of water regularly. You also need to ensure there are no wet patches and flooding in your landscape.

Efficient Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is vital if you want a green, thriving landscape. There are two kinds of irrigation systems that you can install on your property and each has their advantages and disadvantages.

Sprinkler System

This is one of the most popular irrigation systems in both commercial and residential properties. They cover a wide area and evenly distribute water all over the landscape.

The sprinkler system is great for lawns because it sprays water over the entire lawn and ensures all the grass receives water. However, this system isn’t ideal for gardens and trees. The sprinkler will just spray water on the leaves and branches instead of directing the water towards the roots.

That can compromise the plant’s health and lead to problems like rot and malnutrition. The sprinkler system consumes more water than drip irrigation because much of the water is blown away by the wind when it’s sprinkled on the lawn.

Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation doesn’t spray water in the air; instead, it takes it directly to the root of the plants. This is a great option for gardens, trees, and vegetable patches. As the water is taken directly to the root, plants and trees get adequate amounts of it.

You can also control just how much each plant receives. For example, if your vegetable path requires more water than your herb garden, you can change the settings accordingly. The drip irrigation system saves water and reduces wastage considerably.

Drainage Systems

Landscape drainage is just as important as irrigation. After all, the water has to go somewhere after you deposit so much of it on the land on a daily basis. Proper drainage ensures there are no wet spots and flooding. There are several solutions available to you, but some of the most effective are grading and French drains. In landscape grading, we shape the land’s surface is such a way that water flows away from the house and the landscape and towards the drains.

French drains are usually perforated pipes placed strategically underground to drain water away from lawns, gardens, and other such areas. We also install trench drains, dry creeks etc.

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